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I service pianos in Sacramento County, Davis, and Woodland. Here are the names and phone numbers of some excellent technicians in areas that I don’t go to.
Auburn – Scott Johnson (530) 878-1566 scottj@jps.net
Shingle Springs – James Johnson(530) 677-8225 jpiano@innercite.com
Yuba City – Jerry Reiersen (530) 755-4560 jerryr@otn.net
Vacaville – Mike Musial 707-448-4298
Georgetown – Tremaine Parsons (530) 333-9299 and visit his web page!
Los Angeles-Ben Gaffin  (323) 240-6339 and visit his web page!

Visit the Piano Technicians Guild for more referrals

Other services

Rebuilder – Dale Fox (916) 334-3273 or foxpiano@juno.com
Case Touch-Up – Brian Scheeler (916) 967-5208
Piano Moving – Matt Vogt (916) 966-0337
Organ and Keyboard Repair – Dan Bozick (916) 624-4656



1. Ramin Zoufonoun - January 13, 2010

Hello Mark,
I visited your website and found the material and the way you have it set up to be really interesting and inspiring. Your cartoons are absolutely marvelous. They hit the spot in a similar fashion Gary Larson’s do. Kudos!

Just in case, it interests you, I play and tune pianos for Persian scales which are different from the well-tempered by a few cents up or down on anywhere from 2 to 4 notes per scale, I also tune and play on the well-tempered pianos. Here is a sample video of Persian-tuned piano piece I have posted on the YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gU8uREFN3CU I am not performing that piece but I would love to hear your honest feedback about this piano music either in the form of a comment posted on YouTube or E-mail to myself. Thanks!



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